1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Marketplace.
  2. Locate the desired add-on product, and then click Configure
  3. Click Choose for the desired add-on product option, and then click Continue
  4. In Name, enter a descriptive name to label the add-on product option
  5. In Workload, you can select an existing workload or a new workload. 
    • If you select a new workload, then in New Workload Name, enter a descriptive name.
  6. In In Workload Tier, you can select an existing tier or a new tier.
    • If you select a new tier, then in New Tier Name, enter a descriptive name.
  7. In Location, select a data center location. 
  8. In Password, copy and store the password in a secure location. This password lets you access the virtual machine. 
    • You can click Generate to have Armor create a new password. 
    • You can also enter your own password. This password must follow the rules listed in the user interface. 
  9. Click Continue
  10. (Optional) For Backup & Recovery Server, to add additional storage, complete the missing fields, click Add Disk, and then click Continue.
  11. Review the details for the order, and then click Submit.  
  12. (Optional) A ticket will be automatically created and sent to Armor Support. To see the status of this ticket, in the left-side navigation, click Support, and then click Tickets. Armor will use this ticket to communicate with you about the status of your order and to inquire about your specific configuration requests. 

There is a similar snippet used for creating new products from the Virtual Machine screen. 

Any changes to this snippet should also be reflected in that snippet.