Step 1: Locate the Armor Agent

  1. In the Armor user interface, on the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure
  2. Click Virtual Machines
  3. Click Add Anywhere Host
  4. Click Windows
  5. Locate and copy your license key. You will need this key later in the installation process. 


Step 2: Download and install the Armor Agent

There are two ways to install the Armor Agent. 

Option 1: Install via the GUI (Walkthrough)

  1. Under Standard Installation, click and download the Armor Agent installer
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

Option 2: Install via the command line

  1. Run one of the following scripts:  

    Invoke-WebRequest -outfile $home\Desktop\armor-setup.exe
    Import-Module bitstransfer; start-bitstransfer -source -destination $home\Desktop\.
  2. Run the following script: 

    cd $home\Desktop; .\armor-setup.exe
  3. Follow the interactive installer until complete.