1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Support

  2. Click Tickets
  3. Click Create A Ticket
    • A new tab will appear in your web browser.  

      In the top right corner of the Armor Ticketing System screen, click the Open AMP button to easily return to your AMP account. A new tab will appear in your web browser.

  4. On the Armor Ticketing System screen, review the categories for ticket request types. These request types are used internally to automatically route your ticket to the appropriate department for a more efficient response. 

    CategorySupport for Urgent IssuesCommon RequestsOther RequestsAccount Requests
    Request Type
    • Outage - Report an Outage
    • Performance Issue - Report device performance or degradation issue
    • General Incident - Report an Unlisted Incident
    • Potential Security Incident - Report a Potential Security Issue
    • Armor Services - Armor Agent Services, Logging, Monitoring, etc.
    • VPN - VPN Inquiries
    • Armor Portal - AMP Inquiries and Requests
    • L2L Tunnels
    • WAF - WAF Exceptions and Requests
    • Firewall - Inquiries on Self-Service Firewall Rules
    • SSL Certificate
    • Backup Service - Backup Services Request
    • Disaster Recovery Service
    • DNS - Add/Configure DNS Records
    • Encryption Service - Encryption Service Request
    • Load Balancer - Load Balancer Appliance Request
    • OS Patching / Updates - Request for OS Patching and Updates
    • Vulnerability Scanning - Vulnerability Scanning Services
    • Recurring Issue - Report a Recurring or Periodically Repeating Problem
    • Professional Services - Request a Statement of Work for Out of Scope Services
    • Access & Users - Request for Access & User Management
    • Billing / Invoices - General Billing or Invoice Request
    • Compliance - Compliance or Audit Requests
    • Legal / TOS / SLA - Legal Inquiries
    • Professional Services - Request Statement of Work for Out of Scope Services
    • Account Cancellation - Cancel an Armor Account
  5. In Account, select the AMP account that relates to the ticket. 
  6. Complete the missing fields.
    1. In Summary, enter a very brief description. You can only enter a maximum of 255 characters. 
    2. In Description, enter useful details that can help Armor quickly troubleshoot the problem. For example, consider the following questions: 
      • What is the specific issue? 
      • What are the steps to reproduce the issue? 
      • What is the level of business impact? 
      • Are there additional contacts that should be notified? 
      • Have there been any troubleshooting steps already performed? 
      • Are there any error messages or screenshots to share?
    3. If applicable, in Device, enter the name of the affected virtual machine. 
  7. If applicable, add any screenshots to help explain the issue.  
  8. Click Create.
    • After you create the ticket, you will receive updates on the ticket via an email notification.

      You can easily review the details and status of your existing ticket by clicking the View Request link provided within the email notifications that are generated from the ticketing system. 

  9. (Optional) After you create a ticket, you can add additional users or organizations to the ticket. 
    1. On the ticket detail screen, in the right-side menu, click Share.
    2. Type the name of the user or the user's email address. To share with a specific organization, type the account name, and then select the desired organization (AdminBillingTechnical, or Security).

      The ticket can be shared with multiple users and organizations.

    3. Click Share.

  10. (Optional) To view the status of this newly created ticket, in the Tickets screen, click View Existing Tickets.