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Run A Malware Scan

View Malware Scan Activity

In the Malware Protection screen, on the Scan Activity tab, you can view details on current and past scans. 

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security

  2. Click Malware Protection.

  3. Click Scan Activity.

The number of active scans will display in the top right corner of the table.



NameThis column displays the name of the virtual machine or instance.
UserThis column displays the name of the user who initiated the scan.
Time Started

This column displays the date and time that the scan was initiated.

Last UpdatedThis column displays the date and time of the last status check for the scan.

This column displays the status of the scan:

  • Pending indicates that the scan is currently in the queue.
  • Started indicates that the scan has been initiated, but is still in-progress.
  • Completed indicates that the scan has run successfully.
  • Paused indicates that the scan has been paused.
  • Resumed indicates that the scan has resumed running (after being paused).
  • Failed indicates that the scan did not run successfully.


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