Before you begin, Armor recommends that you review pre-installation / pre-deployment information, such as virtual machine offerings and supported browsers.

To learn more, see Pre-deployment considerations for Armor Complete.

Step 1: Open the Account Signup email

  1. In the email from Armor, click the link.

Step 2: Complete your security information

In this step, you will add your phone number to your account. This phone number will be used for multi-factor authentication. To complete the account signup process and to log into AMP, you must be near this phone number.
  1. Note your Armor username. 
  2. In Password and Confirm Password, create and enter an account password.
  3. Complete the Challenge Phrase and Challenge Response
  4. In Phone Number, select your country code / flag, and then enter your phone number.
  5. Click Validate to validate the phone number entered.
  6. Click Continue.

Step 3: Create a virtual machine with a new workload

Step 4: Download and install your SSL/VPN 

If you run Ubuntu 16.x, then please review Install SSL VPN Client for Ubuntu 16.x.

If you run Ubuntu 18.x, then please review Install SSL VPN Client for Ubuntu 18.x.

If you run Mac OS 10.11 or higher, then please review Install SSL VPN Client for Mac OS, version 10.11 and higher.

Before you can download and install your SSL VPN, the account administrator must add the following permissions to your account: 

  • Write SSL VPN Devices and Users 
  • Read SSL VPN Devices and Users
  • Read Virtual Data Centers 

Additionally, your account administrator must enable your account to download and install the client.

Confirm with your account administrator before you attempt to download and install.  

Step 5: Create a firewall rule with a new IP address group


Step 6: Subscribe to data center notifications

Step 7: Configure your notification preferences