Visualize Your Security: Armor Management Portal (AMP)

You can watch the following video to better understand how to: 

Armor Management Portal 101: Getting Started

This video is ideal for first-time users who are unfamiliar with the Armor Management Portal (AMP). This video discusses how to: 

  • Contact support
  • Configure users, including inviting and removing users
  • Create roles and permissions
  • Update notification preferences
  • View invoices
  • Change passwords

Armor Management Portal 102: Provisioning Your Environment

This video discusses how to create (provision) and configure a virtual machine within the Armor Management Portal (AMP). Additionally, this video discusses how to:

  • Organize your virtual machine components in AMP
  • View your assigned IP addresses
  • Create an L2L VPN tunnel
  • Enable SSL/VPN access for your users
  • Access the Armor Marketplace

Armor Management Portal 102: Security Controls

This video discusses how to understand the data that populates the Security Dashboard (home page) and the Security section of the Armor Management Portal (AMP). Specifically, this video will discuss: 

  • The Malware Protection screen
  • The FIM screen
  • The Patching screen
  • The Log Management screen
  • The Firewall screen