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This topic only applies to Armor Anywhere users. If you are an Armor Complete user, see Roles and Permissions (Armor Complete)

Create and assign a new role

Step 1: Create a role and add permissions

To see a list of available permissions, see Review available permissions.

Step 2: Assign a role to an existing user account

Update a permission for a role 

Remove a role for a newly created or existing user

Delete a role

Additional documentation - Review all permissions

To view every permission available in AMP, see Review all permissions.

In the Roles and Permissions screen, you may see permissions that only apply to Armor Complete users. Your roles will not malfunction if you happen to add an Armor Complete permission to your role.

Permissions for virtual machines 

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
Virtual Machines
  • Create a virtual machine 
  • Update a virtual machine
  • Delete a virtual machine
  • View the core license to download and install the agent
  • Write Virtual Machine
  • View Core License

To learn more about the Virtual Machines screen, see Virtual Machines (Armor Anywhere).

Permissions for Cloud Connection

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
Cloud Connections
  • Collect and store logs with the Log Depot add-on product
  • View the security status of your virtual machine in the Virtual Machines screen 

  • Read Cloud Connections
  • Write Cloud Connections

To learn more about Cloud Connections, see Cloud Connections.

Permissions for support tickets

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
  • Create a support ticket
  • View a support ticket
  • View an archived ticket
  • Add a recipient to an existing support ticket
  • Chat with Armor
  • Read Ticket(s)
  • Read Ticket Group(s)
  • Write Ticket Group(s)

In addition to these permissions, in order to view a ticket, you must be listed as a recipient. For example, if a user in your account sends a support ticket, and you are not listed as a recipient, then you will not be able to see this ticket.

To learn more about the Tickets screen, see Support Tickets.

Permissions for Log & Data Management

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
Log & Data Management
  • View collected logs in the Search section
  • View the status of the logging subagent in the Sources section
  • Write LogManagement
  • Read LogManagement 

To learn more about Log Management, see Log Management (Armor Anywhere).


Permissions for the Health Dashboards

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
  • Health Overview (landing screen)
    • Protection
    • Detection
    • Response
    • Security Incidents
  • View the data that populates the security dashboards
  • Read Dashboard Statistics

To learn more about the dashboards, see Health Overview Dashboard (Armor Anywhere).

Permissions for Security screens

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
  • Security screens
    • Malware Protection
    • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
    • Patching
  • View the data that populates the security-focused screens
  • Read AVAM
  • Read FIM
  • Read OS Packages