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The Security Dashboard in the Armor Management Portal (AMP) displays the various statuses of your virtual machines: 

Virtual Machine status

The overall status of your virtual machine is based on the individual status of your virtual machine's subcomponents. Your virtual machine contains three subcomponents:

Armor reviews the status of your three subcomponents and labels your virtual machine based on the status of your most critical subcomponent.

For example, if Malware Protection and FIM are both in a Secured status, but Patching is in a Critical status, then overall, your virtual machine is labeled as Critical.

In another example, if Malware Protection is in a Critical status, FIM is in a Warning status, and Patching is in a Secured status, then overall, your virtual machine is labeled as Critical

 Malware Protection status

Troubleshoot Malware Protection

FIM status

Troubleshoot FIM 

Patching status