The Update Workload API updates the details for a workload in your account, specifically the name of the workload.  

You can use the Get Workloads API to find the workload ID (id). 

Sample Request


 "id": 1,
 "name": "VMW Workload"


API Call / URLMethod / Type

ParameterDescriptionRequired or optionalTypeExample
idThe ID of the workloadRequiredInteger1
NameThe new name for the workloadRequiredStringVMW Workload
idThe ID of the workloadRequiredInteger1

Sample Return

 "id": 1,
 "name": "VMA",
 "location": "DFW01",
 "zone": "DFW01-VC01",
 "status": 8,
 "deployed": false,
 "tierCount": 1,
 "vmCount": 13,
 "totalCpu": 1,
 "totalMemory": 2048,
 "totalStorage": 30720,
 "tiers": [
     "id": 1,
     "name": "VMA",
     "vms": [
         "id": 1,
         "coreInstanceId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
         "name": "VMA",
         "provider": null,
         "location": null,
         "zone": null,
         "ipAddress": null,
         "status": 4,
         "appId": 0,
         "appName": null,
         "osId": null,
         "os": "Ubuntu 14.04",
         "deployed": false,
         "cpu": 1,
         "memory": 2048,
         "storage": 30720,
         "notes": null,
         "vCenterId": 0,
         "vCenterName": null,
         "product": null,
         "uuid": null,
         "health": 1,
         "scheduledEvents": null
 "notes": null,
 "health": 0,
 "tags": []
 "error": true,
 "message": "Invalid request"


ReturnTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample
statusIntegerThe state of the objectA range of numbers from -1 to 19 (See Note below for possible values)

The following table lists the possible return values for Status:

Numeric value

String value


-1FAILED_CREATIONThe object could not be created
0UNRESOLVEDThe object is unresolved
1RESOLVEDThe object is resolved
2DEPLOYEDThe object is deployed
3SUSPENDEDThe object is suspended
4POWERED_ONThe object is powered on
5WAITING_FOR_INPUTThe object is waiting for user input
6UNKNOWNThe object is in an unknown state
7UNRECOGNIZEDThe object is in an unrecognized state
8POWERED_OFFThe object is powered off.
9INCONSISTENT_STATEThe object is in an inconsistent state
10MIXEDChildren do not all have the same status
11DESCRIPTION_PENDINGUpload initiated, OVF descriptor pending
12COPYING_CONTENTSUpload initiated, copying contents
13DISK_CONTENTS_PENDINGUpload initiated, disk contents pending
14QUARANTINEDUpload has been quarantined
15QUARANTINE_EXPIREDUpload quarantine period has expired
16REJECTEDUpload has been rejected
17TRANSFER_TIMEOUTUpload transfer session timed out
18VAPP_UNDEPLOYEDThe vApp is resolved and undeployed
19VAPP_PARTIALLY_DEPLOYEDThe vApp is resolved and partially deployed.
100CHANGES_PENDINGThe request has been received, but not completed. 
101COMPLETEThe action has been completed. 
102BUSYThe server is busy and cannot complete the action. Try again. 
103TEMPLATE_PENDINGThe virtual machine template is currently being generated.

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