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The Security Dashboard in the Armor Management Portal (AMP) displays the various statuses of your virtual machines: 

Virtual Machine status

The overall status of your virtual machine is based on the individual status of your virtual machine's subcomponents. Your virtual machine contains three subcomponents:

Armor reviews the status of your three subcomponents and labels your virtual machine based on the status of your most critical subcomponent.

For example, if Anti-Malware and FIM are both in a Secured status, but Patching is in a Critical status, then overall, your virtual machine is labeled as Critical.

In another example, if Anti-Malware is in a Critical status, FIM is in a Warning status, and Patching is in a Secured status, then overall, your virtual machine is labeled as Critical

Anti-Malware status

Troubleshoot Anti-Malware

FIM status

Troubleshoot FIM 

Patching status