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This topic only applies to Armor Anywhere users.

To fully use this screen, you must add the following permission to your account:

  • View Vulnerability Scans


Use the Vulnerability Scanning screen to view scan reports. One report will contain the information for all your various virtual machines or servers. Scan reports will list your various virtual machines or servers based on the Armor-assigned instance ID.

These reports begin the scan process every Sunday at approximately 10:00 PM, local server time. The actual length of the scan varies, based on your environment.

View a report

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security
  2. Click Vulnerability Scanning
  3. Locate and select the desired scan. 

Troubleshooting Vulnerability Scanning screen

If you do not see any data in the Vulnerability Scanning screen, consider that:

  • The scanning is not complete. 
    • The scan takes place every Sunday at approximately 10:00 PM, local server time.
  • Your firewall rules have not been updated to support this feature. 

    Inbound / OutboundService / PurposePortDestination

    Vulnerability Scanning

    The agent will attempt to contact the third-party vendor DNS entry, which may result in a lookup to any of these subnets. As a result, you may need to open all outbound traffic to 443/tcp to accommodate this service.
      • (United States)

      • (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • You do not have permission to view this screen. 
    • You must have the View Vulnerability Scans permission enabled. Contact your account administrator to enable this permission. To learn how to update your permissions, see Roles and Permissions (Armor Complete).

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