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In the File Integrity Monitoring screen, the dashboard displays the various FIM statuses of your virtual machines (or hosts):

  • Green indicates a virtual machine in a Secured FIM status.
  • Yellow indicates a virtual machine in a Warning FIM status. 
  • Red indicates a virtual machine in a Critical FIM status.

Armor determines the status of FIM based on how long FIM has been offline.

  • If FIM is offline for 2 to 7 days, then the FIM status changes from Secured to Warning
  • If FIM is offline for 8 days or more, then the FIM status changes from Warning to Critical

Length of offline statusSecurity Status
2 to 7 daysWarning
8 days or moreCritical

The overall status of your virtual machine is based on the individual status of your virtual machine's subcomponents, including FIM.