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March 18, 2019 (AMP 2.51)

Updated screen - Armor Marketplace

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the Armor Marketplace screen, versions for every virtual machine are clearly displayed in a single screen in marketplace.

Previously, to see the version number, the user needed to select a specific virtual machine and review the details page.

To learn more, see Armor Marketplace.

Deprecated product - Ubuntu 12

Ubuntu 12 has reached end-of-life. Neither the manufacturer, nor Armor will support Ubuntu 12.

Armor does not recommend that you use an end-of-life product due to security and compliance risks.

If you currently run an Ubuntu 12 machine, you must troubleshoot before March 31, 2019.

To update your supported version, please contact Armor Support.

New feature - Microsoft WSUS for virtual machines

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), when you purchase a Windows virtual machine, the virtual machine will be automatically assigned to a particular Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) group. These groups provide a regular patching schedule for your virtual machine.

By default, the monthly group will be added to newly created virtual machines; however, you can always contact Armor Support to change the group.

Additionally, existing Windows virtual will be automatically assigned to a group.

Updated screen - Purchased Products

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), any product discounts that you have will display in the Purchased Products screen.

Previously, discounts were only visible in published invoices.

Updated feature - Malware scans

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the updated Malware Protection screen, you can now perform a manual scan for your virtual machine or instance.

This feature appears in the Malware Service Health table.

You can perform a manual scan if:

  • The Malware subagent has communicated (heartbeated) with Armor within the last 4 hours, and
  • A scan is not already in-progress.

To use this feature, you must have the following permissions assigned to your account:

  • Writer Trend Manual Scan
  • Read Trend Manual Scan

Additionally, you can view current and past scans in the newly created Scan Activity section.

To learn more, see Malware Protection (Armor Complete) or Malware Protection (Armor Anywhere).

Updated screen - Intrusion Detection

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the Intrusion Detection System screen has been updated to include an interactive guided tour of the screen.

Additionally, the screen has been updated to include two new tables to display top detected signatures and top VMs with detected signatures.

March 2, 2019 (AMP 2.50)

Updated feature - Armor Ticketing System

The Armor Ticketing System has been updated to provide a variety of support-related enhancements. With the updated ticketing system, you can expect fewer, yet more meaningful emails, along with faster ticket routing and better ticket categorization.

Additionally, with this release: 

  • Previously closed tickets were officially archived within AMP. 
  • Open or unresolved tickets were upgraded to the updated ticketing platform.
  • Organizations (Admin, Technical, Billing, and Security) have been established in AMP, to help manage ticket notifications. 

FAQs for Armor's updated ticketing platform

In short, what has changed? Armor's support ticket process has been updated to accommodate the launch of Armor's new ticketing platform. This update helps Armor to offer a more robust ticketing service. With this release: 

  • You can add multiple users to a ticket with one click, as opposed to adding each user individually. 
  • You can select from a list of default ticket types that will direct your ticket to the correct team at Armor.

To accommodate this release, were my tickets moved? Internally, yes. All tickets (open or closed) were moved from the previous ticketing system to a new ticketing platform; however, these tickets are still accessible from the View Archived Tickets section of AMP. All open tickets have been recreated in the new ticketing system, where you will continue to work with Armor to resolve the issue. Tickets that have been archived cannot be reopened or modified, but you can read and access attached information within the ticket.

How will my tickets be migrated over? Tickets that were closed before March 2, 2019, will be archived. Open or unresolved tickets will be migrated over to the new ticketing platform.

Can I access migrated closed tickets? Yes, your closed tickets will be accessible in the newly created View Archived Tickets screen. You can read these closed tickets; however, you cannot reopen or modify these tickets. 

Can I still access attached files from an "archived ticket," such as an attached file with logs? Yes. 

How long will migrated tickets be retained? Armor will maintain a ticket history of 13 months. You can request this data to be pulled from Armor before March 2020 through a support ticket. 

How will my interaction with tickets change? At a high-level, Armor support tickets are no longer stored and managed in AMP; they are stored and managed within the new ticketing system. As a result, when you click an open or unresolved ticket from AMP, you will be presented with a new window to view the ticket details in the new ticketing system.

Can I add specific users to a ticket? Yes. After you create a ticket, you have the ability to share a ticket with specific users and / or organizations. When a support ticket is shared with an individual user, the user will automatically receive an email notification, and will receive ongoing updates for the ticket. When a support ticket is shared with an organization, all users within the organization will receive an initial email notification for the ticket; individual users can then subscribe to to all future notifications for that particular ticket by clicking the Get notifications link in the ticket itself.

I am being prompted to login when I attempt to view my ticket using the View Request link in my email notification. What username and password should I use? If you are not currently logged into the Armor Management Portal (AMP), you will be prompted to complete the login process. You should use the same username and password that you enter when logging into AMP, including your multi-factor authentication. 

How do I turn off ticket notifications? You can turn off notifications for a specific ticket by clicking the Turn off this request's notifications link in the email notification that you received when you created the ticket. Or, you can click the Don’t notify me link in the ticket itself. 

Can I close my own ticket in the new ticketing system? In the new ticketing system, tickets are updated and closed by Armor Support. You do not have the ability to close a ticket in the new ticketing system; however, you can leave a comment on the ticket to request closure. 

Can I reopen a ticket in the new ticketing system? A ticket cannot be reopened in the new ticketing system. Once a ticket has been closed, if the issue still persists, Armor Support recommends that you open a new ticket. Within the ticket description, include the old ticket number for reference. 

To learn more about the Tickets screen, including how to send a support ticket, see Support Tickets.

February 22, 2019 (AMP 2.49)

This release contains minor bug fixes and general enhancements to the Armor Management Portal (AMP).

January 24, 2019 (AMP 2.48)

Updated feature - Armor Marketplace

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the Armor Marketplace screen has been updated to include two support-related add-on products:

  • Armor Support (Advanced and Enterprise)
  • Armor Onboarding (GuidedEnterprise, and Managed)

To learn more, see Armor Marketplace.

To learn more about these updated support offerings, see FAQs for Q1 2019 at Armor.

Updated feature - Armor Marketplace

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the Armor Marketplace screen is now visible to Armor Anywhere users. Through this screen, you can order and configure:

  • The Anywhere Agent
  • Dynamic Threat Blocking
  • Log Management services

To learn more, see Armor Marketplace.

January 16, 2019 (AMP 2.47)

Updated feature - SSL VPN screen

This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the SSL VPN screen has been updated to include the newly created Activity tab.

You can use this tab to review how your users have interacted with their SSL VPN device. Specifically, you can view when a user has logged into and logged out of their device.

To learn more, see SSL VPN.

Updated feature - Activity screen

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), under the Account section, the Activity screen now includes information regarding a user's interaction with their SSL VPN device.

To learn more, see Account Activity.

Updated feature - AMP Homepage

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the homepage has been updated with new content from external Armor resources.

In the bottom of the screen, three cards provide additional information regarding Armor's products, networking events, and more. This information will be updated in conjunction with every AMP release.

Updated screen - AMP Marketplace

This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the Marketplace screen, you can order the newly added Advanced WAF and Load Balancer add-on products from Pulse.

Bug Fix - Windows 2012 R2 Machines

This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

There was a bug when provisioning a Windows 2012 R2 machine, specifically in the PHX01 data center. This issue has been resolved.

To view release notes from previous years, see Archived Release Notes.

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