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  1. In the Armor Management Portal, in the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure.
  2. Click Virtual Machines.
  3. Hover over the plus ( + ) icon, and then click the Virtual Machine icon.
    • If you do not have any virtual machines listed, then click Deploy New, and then select Virtual Machine.
  4. Locate and select the desired operating system and operating system version.
  5. On the right side, use the Region drop-down menu to select the data center to host your virtual machine.
  6. Select the desired virtual machine based on your CPU and memory needs (GB).
    • You can click High CPU or High Memory to filter the list of virtual machines. You can also click Show All Options to see every virtual machine offering.
    • Armor labels virtual machines by CPU and memory features. For instance, 2x4 indicates that the virtual machine has 2 CPU and 4 GB of memory.
  7. In Name, enter a descriptive name for your virtual machine.
  8. In Workload, select New Workload
  9. In New Workload Name, enter a descriptive name.
  10. In New Tier Name, enter a descriptive name. 
  11. In Location, select and verify the data center to host your virtual machine. 
  12. Under Access Credentials, note your username to access the virtual machine. 
  13. In Password, enter a secure password to use to access the virtual machine. 
    • Your password must contain:
      • An upper-case letter
      • A lower-case letter
      • A number
      • A special character: ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) { } [ ]
    • You can also click Generate Password to allow Armor to create a password. 
  14. (Optional) For additional storage, under Storage Substrate and Disk Size, select your desired storage, and then click Add Disk
  15. On the right-side menu, review the pricing information, and then click Purchase
    • When you order a virtual machine, you are also ordering Intelligence Security Model (ISM) for the virtual machine. Prices for ISM will vary based on the number of virtual machines you have ordered. IMS pricing is based on the following tiered structure: 

      TierNumber of virtual machines
      11 - 10
      211 - 25
      326 - 100
      4101- 250
      5251 - 500
      6500 +
  16. To view the status of your newly created virtual machine, in the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure, click Virtual Machines, and then search for your newly created virtual machine.