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At a high level, to complete the installation process: 

Before you begin

Review the Requirements section before you begin the installation process.

Step 1: Download the Core

  1. In the Armor user interface, on the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure
  2. Click Add Core
  3. Click your operating system (Amazon Linux, CentOS, and Redhat). 
  4. Locate and copy your license key. You will need this key later in the installation process. 
  5. Download and execute the armor-agent.deb file. 

Step 2: Install the Core

  1. Run the following command: 

    Install Agent
    yum install armor-agent.rpm
  2. Modify the configuration file at /etc/armor/armor.config to use your license key. Use the following script as an example: 

    Configure Agent
    sed -i -r 's/license=<license key>/' /etc/armor/armor.cfg
  3. Run the following command: 

    Start Agent
    service armor-agent start

Step 3: Validate the Core

 Install Output and Logs

A successful install will have the following output.

Sample Output
Selecting previously unselected package armor-agent.
(Reading database ... 179956 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack armor-agent.deb ...
Unpacking armor-agent ( ...
Setting up armor-agent ( ...
The Armor Agent has been installed.   You will need to register it by
placing the license key provided by Armor into the configuration file
located in /etc/armor/armor.cfg and starting the armor-agent service.
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-16) ...
* Starting Armor Defense Agent
armor-agent started

After the Armor agent has completed installation, its sub-services will install after the first heartbeat completes. You can follow the armor.log to view the status.

tail -f /var/log/armor.log

The logs for a completed agent install will look similar to:

Sample Output
PS C:\Users\Administrator> cat C:\.armor\log\armor.log
time="Jan 13 21:19:22" level=info msg="Provider Found" key= provider=Azure
time="Jan 13 21:19:22" level=info msg="OS Found" distro=Windows
time="Jan 13 21:19:22" level=info msg="Registering Armor Core agent"
time="Jan 13 21:19:26" level=info msg="Initial registration complete. Begin adding Armor..."
time="Jan 13 21:19:26" level=info msg="Applying Armor Server Hardening"
time="Jan 13 21:19:26" level=info msg="Installing Armor Anti-Virus support"
time="Jan 13 21:19:45" level=info msg="Installing Armor Logging support"
time="Jan 13 21:19:49" level=info msg="Installing Logging Certificate"
time="Jan 13 21:19:49" level=info msg="Installing Armor Monitoring support"
time="Jan 13 21:19:55" level=info msg="Validating Hash..."
time="Jan 13 21:19:55" level=info msg="Hash validated"