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For Linux users:

Step 1: Install Trend Sub-Agent:

/opt/armor/armor trend install

Step 2: Turn On File Integrity Monitoring in "Auto-Apply" Mode (This automatically applies FIM rules identified in Recommendation Scans)

/opt/armor/armor fim on auto-apply-recommendations=on

Step 3: Turn On Intrusion Prevention Service in "Auto-Apply" Mode (This automatically applies IPS rules identified in Recommendation Scans)

Option 1: Detect Mode 

/opt/armor/armor ips detect auto-apply-recommendations=on

Option 2: Prevent Mode

/opt/armor/armor ips prevent auto-apply-recommendations=on

Step 4: Run a Recommendation Scan (This runs the initial Recommendation Scan to apply the baseline rules)

/opt/armor/armor trend recommendation-scan

Step 5: Turn On Ongoing Recommendation Scans (This automatically runs Recommendation Scans every 7 days. All rule changes are automatically applied if you followed step 3.)

/opt/armor/armor trend ongoing-recommendation-scan on