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In the Malware Protection screen, you can run a manual scan for your virtual machine or instance. 

  • The Scan button will display for a particular virtual machine or instance if the sub-agent has heartbeated within the last four hours, AND a scan is not already in progress for that virtual machine or instance.
  • The Scan button will NOT display if an initial scan has not been performed by Trend Micro, nor if the sub-agent has not heartbeated for that particular virtual machine or instance within the last four hours.
  • The Scan button will be disabled if there are five active scans running on the account.
  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security

  2. Click Malware Protection.

  3. Within the Malware Protection Service table, locate the desired virtual machine or instance, then click Scan.

    1. The Scan column will display Scanning while the scan is running.

The number of active scans will display in the top right corner of the table.