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Graph / Table


IP Lookups

This graph displays all the IP lookups that have taken place in your account.

An IP Lookup indicates a user has searched for Armor's recommendation regarding to whitelist or blacklist an IP address.

DTB User

This table lists:

  • The name of the AMP user who performed an IP lookup (DTB User).
  • The date of their last IP lookup (Last Query Date).
  • The total number of IP lookups performed (Total Requests).

IP Lookup

You can use this box to perform an IP lookup.

To learn more, see Perform an IP Lookup.


You can use this screen to view the IP addresses that your users have researched in AMP. 



Source IP

This column displays the IP address that was researched.

Request Type

Standard - This lookup took place using the Armor API system.

Detailed - This lookup took place when a user used the IP Lookup feature in AMP.


This column displays the full name of the AMP user who researched the IP address.


This column displays when the search took place.

Recommendation Action

This column displays the Final Recommendation that was displayed during an IP lookup.

When you performed a search, you will receive two types of recommendations: 

  • The Recommendation entry is based on Armor's default policy. 
  • The Final Recommendation entry is based on any rules that you have previously created.
    • For example, if you created a rule to blacklist 123.444.555.777, and then you perform a search on 123.555.777.999, then the Final Recommendation will most likely say Block because of your previously created rule. 


This column displays the corresponding rule, if applicable.

If the column says None, then you can create a rule for this IP address. Hover over the rule, click the vertical ellipses, and then click Add Rule.


This section displays the rules that have been created in your account. 




The IP address that is included in the rule.

Added By

The name of the AMP user that created the rule.

Date Added

The date that the rule was created.

Expiration Time

The date that the rule expires, if applicable.


The type of rule (Whitelist or Blacklist).