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You can request a live recovery to troubleshoot during an outage in your primary environment.  After a successful live recovery, you can view the live recovery virtual machine in the Armor Management Portal (AMP). 

During a live recovery, Armor recommends that you do not make any changes to your recovery virtual machine. Any change you make will not replicated in the primary virtual machine.

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the left-side navigation, click Support.
  2. Click Tickets + Notifications
  3. Click New Ticket
  4. In Ticket Subject, enter Request for a Live recovery or Request for a test failover
    • Armor will notify you of a data center outage. In this case, you must still submit a support ticket to request a live recovery. 
  5. (Optional) In Add Recipient, enter the name or username of additional recipients to add to the ticket, and then select the name.
  6. In Ticket Explanation, enter the name of the corresponding virtual machine. 
  7. Click Create Ticket
  8. To view the status of your ticket, in the left-side navigation, click Support, and then click Tickets + Notifications
    • Armor Support will update the ticket when the test failover is complete. 
  9. On the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure
  10. Click Virtual Machines. The recovery virtual machine will be listed in the table. 
    • The name of the recovery virtual machine will be the same as the primary virtual machine, along with a yellow icon.  
    • The primary virtual machine will not be listed in this table. 
    • The Continuous Server Replication section will not appear in the detailed screen screen for the test failover virtual machine.    
  11. To access the live recovery virtual machine in the live recovery site, you must download and install the SSL/VPN client for the live recovery environment. 
    • You must download the client for your correct recovery location (DFW01-Recovery or PHX01-Recovery).
      • If your primary environment is DFW01, then you should download the client for PHX01-Recovery environment.
      • If your primary environment is PHX01, then you should download the client for DFW01-Recovery environment. 
    • To learn how to download and install the SSL/VPN client, see SSL VPN
  12. To end the live recovery, create a support ticket and indicate your interest to end the live recovery.