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  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the left-side navigation, click Security

  2. Click Firewall

  3. If you have virtual machines in various data centers, then in the top menu, click the corresponding data center. 

  4. Click Actions, and then click New Rule

    • If you do not see Actions, then click Create a Firewall Rule
  5. In Name, enter a descriptive name. 
  6. In Action, select Allow to allow specified traffic to access your virtual machine or Block to block specified traffic. 
  7. Under Service, enter and select the name of the desired Service Group.
  8. Under Source, enter and select the name of the desired IP Group.
  9. Under Destinations, in the field, enter and select the name of the desired IP Group.
  10. Click Save Rule

After you create a rule, Armor recommends that you place the rule in the correct order.

To reorder a rule:

  1. Under Rule, in the numbered fields, enter a number to move the rule to a different position. 
    • If you have more than 25 rules, the additional rules will be placed in a secondary section within the Firewall screen. To reorder and move these additional rules into a higher position, enter a number under the Order column, and then press Enter on your keyboard. 
  2. In the top menu that appears,  click Save.

If you are not familiar with ordering rules, contact Armor Support to help you properly order your firewall rules. It is extremely important to order rules in order to receive desired traffic.

To learn how to send a support ticket, see Armor Support.

To disable a rule:

  1. Locate and hover over the desired rule.
  2. Click the vertical ellipses.
  3. Click Disable Rule.
  4. Click Disable Rule again.
  5. In the top menu that appears, click Save.