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  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the left-side navigation, click Security

  2. Click Firewall

  3. If you have virtual machines in various data centers, then in the top drop-down menu, select the desired data center.  

  4. Click Service Groups
  5. Click Actions, and then click New Group.  
  6. In Service Group Name, enter a descriptive name. 
  7. In Add Members To Group, enter the service or sub-protocol, and then click the plus ( + ) icon. 
    • You must add at least one member. 
    • You can add multiple members to a service group. 
      Service or sub-protocolNotesExample
      Services (TCP, UDP, etc.)

      You must enter a port number.

      These services are not case-sensitive.

      • tcp/80
      • TCP/80
      • Tcp/80
      • tCp/80
      Additional services (AARP, AH, etc.)

      These additional services are not case-sensitive.

      Do not enter a port number with these additional services.

      • ATALK
      • igmp
      • Gre
      Sub-protocols (echo-reply, redirect, etc.)

      You must enter icmp, followed by the specific sub-protocol.

      You must enter the sub-protocol in lower-case letters.

      Do not enter a port number.

      • icmp/source-host-isolated
      • icmp/time-exceeded
  8. Click Apply
    • The newly created service group will appear at the bottom of the table. 

For a complete list of supported services and sub-protocol, see Review supported services and sub-protocols.