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  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the left-side navigation, click Security

  2. Click Firewall

  3. If you have virtual machines in various data centers, then in the top drop-down menu, select the desired data center.  

  4. Click IP Groups
  5. Click Actions, and then click New Group
  6. In IP Group Name, enter a descriptive name. 
    • Armor recommends that you add Source or Destination into the name of the IP Group to help you identify the IP Group as the Source or Destination IP group. 
  7. In Add Members To Group, enter a member, and then click the plus icon.
    • You can enter:
      • A single IP address
      • A range of IP addresses
      • CIDR
    • You must add at least one member. 
    • You can add multiple members to a service group. 
  8. Click Apply
    • The newly created IP group will appear at the bottom of the table.