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  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security.
  2. Click File Integrity Monitoring.

For Armor Complete, the name of the virtual machine you created in AMP.

For Armor Anywhere, the name of the instance that contains the installed Anywhere agent, which includes the FIM subagent.


For Armor Complete, the entry will display Armor.

For Armor Anywhere, the name of the public cloud provider for the instance.


The health status of the subagent, which is based on how long the FIM subagent has been offline.

There are three status types:

  • Secured (in green)
  • Warning (in yellow)
  • Critical (in red)

The connection status of the subagent.

There are three connection types:

  • Offline
  • Online
  • Unknown

The date and time that the FIM subagent last communicated with Armor.

To learn how the overall FIM status is determined, see Understand FIM data.