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You can use Armor's StatusHub page to review the status of Armor's infrastructure, as well as other Armor services, such as the Armor Management Portal (AMP).

Additionally, you can use StatusHub to receive notifications and updates regarding infrastructure outages.

  1. Access Armor's StatusHub page
  2. In the top menu, click Subscribe
  3. Select your desired notification method (Email, SMS, Slack, or Webhook), and then enter the corresponding information, such as your email address for the Email tab. 
  4. Select a notification type. There are two options.  
    1. To receive information about every Armor service, click All services. This option will send you information about: 
      1. All data centers
      2. Armor API
      3. Gen 4 portal (
    2. To receive information about specific Armor services, click Selected Services
      1. Next to Choose services, click Select.   
      2. Click the desired data center, and then click Select to receive information for every infrastructure component for that data center.  
  5. During an unexpected outage (or incident), you may receive multiple updates regarding the status of an outage.
    • To receive multiple updates during an outage, select OFF for Do not notify on intermediate incident updates.
    • To simply receive one notification regarding the beginning of an outage, and then one notification regarding the completion of an outage, select ON for Do not notify on intermediate incident updates.
  6. Click Subscribe