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  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Account
  2. Click Users
  3. Click the plus ( + ) icon. 
  4. Complete the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields. 
    • The email address you enter will be the username. 
  5. Select a role for this user. 
    • You must assign a role to the user. 
    • You can assign multiple roles to the user. 
    • You can assign a default role (Admin, Technical, Billing). 
      • Admin contains every permission in AMP.
      • Technical contains mostly write-only permissions. 
      • Billing contains mostly read-only permissions 
    • To learn about Roles and Permissions, see Roles and Permissions.
  6. Click Create User. An email will be sent to the user. After 96 hours, the sign-up link in the email will expire.
    • If the link expires, you can resend the user invitation. In the Users screen, hover over the desired user, click the vertical ellipses, and then select Resend Invitation.
    • If you want to remove this newly created / invited user from your account, see Remove a newly created / invited user from your account.