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This topic only applies to Armor Anywhere users.


The Security Incidents screen displays open or pending support tickets that are considered highly important, security-focused incidents.

Internally, Armor Support reviews, and then labels certain support tickets as security incidents. Based on the recommendation of Armor Support, these security incidents are labeled with a severity rating, and then displayed in the Security Incidents screen.

Armor Support, you, or someone on your account can open a support ticket that can eventually evolve into an incident.

Access the Security Incidents screen

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), click Security
  2. Click Security Incidents
Ticket NumberThe number of the ticket.
Ticket Summary

A brief summary of the ticket.

You will only see an incident if you are listed as a recipient on the support ticket or if you opened the support ticket. 

Ticket Severity

There are four status types:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Critical
    • Security Incidents with a Critical status are also known as a Critical Incident.
    • Critical Incidents also appear in the Security Dashboard.
Ticket Status

There are two status types:

  • Open
  • Requires Attention
Created DateThe date the ticket was opened.

Troubleshoot the Security Incidents screen

If you do not see any data in the Security Incidents screen, consider that: 

  • Your account does not have any security incidents to display. 
    • Armor is responsible for adding security-related tickets into this screen. 
  • You do not have permissions to view security incidents.
    • You must have the Read Ticket and Read Dashboard Statistics permission enabled to view security incidents in this screen. Contact your account administrator to enable this permission. To learn how to update you permissions, see Roles and Permissions (Armor Complete).

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