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This API call applies to both Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere users.

The Get Anti-Malware Host List API retrieves a list of Anti-Malware status details by host. 

Sample request



The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type

There are no parameters for this API call. 

Sample return

       "coreInstanceId": "e261a9b9-bd32-46bd-a5cd-7205048d768b",
       "vmName": "VM Name",
       "location": null,
       "isActive": false,
       "vmProvider": "azure",
       "providerFullName": null,
       "os": "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter",
       "accountId": 0,
       "lastAgentCommunicationSeverity": 3,
       "lastScannedSeverity": 3,
       "lastAgentCommunicationData": null,
       "lastScannedData": null,
       "lastAgentCommunicationDate": "2015-03-22T19:52:08.63",
       "lastScannedDate": "2015-03-21T23:18:02.87",
       "hostId": 0,
       "overallAntiMalwareStatus": "OK",
       "createdDate": null,
       "customLocatiom": null,
       "customProvider": null,
       "avamRealTimeScan": false


The following table describes the expected results for specific outputs that may not be clear enough within the sample output.

ReturnTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample