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This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

Network Services API callsDescriptionProduct compatibility
4.3.1Get NATsThe Get NATs API retrieves a list of NATs that are associated with your account.  
4.3.2Get Virtual Machine NATs

The Get Virtual Machine NATS API retrieves a list of NATs that are associated to a specified virtual machine.  

(same description but different call)

4.3.3Get Virtual Machine NATs

The Get Virtual Machine NATs retrieves a list of NATS that are associated with a virtual machine. 

(same description but different call)

4.3.4Create NATThe Create NAT API creates NATs to associate with your virtual machine.  
4.3.5Add / Remove NATsThe Add/Remove NATs API adds or removes NATs to a virtual machine. 
4.3.6Delete NATsThe Delete NATs API deletes NATs associated to a virtual machine. 
4.3.7Get Firewall GroupsThe Get Firewall Groups API retrieves information about the firewall groups in your account
4.3.8Get Firewall GroupThe Get Firewall Group API retrieves details for a specific firewall group.   
4.3.9Update Firewall GroupThe Update Firewall Group API updates details for a specific firewall group.   
4.3.10Create Firewall GroupThe Create Firewall Group API creates a firewall group.  
4.3.11Delete Firewall GroupThe Delete Firewall Group API deletes a firewall group.   
4.3.12Get Firewall ServicesThe Get Firewall Services API retrieves information about the firewall services in your account.
4.3.13Get Firewall Service DetailThe Get Firewall Service Detail API retrieves details about a specific firewall service group.   
4.3.14Put Firewall ServiceThe Put Firewall Service API updates the details for a firewall service group.   
4.3.15Create Firewall ServicesThe Create Firewall Services API creates a firewall service group.   
4.3.16Delete Firewall ServiceThe Delete Firewall Service API deletes a firewall service group.   
4.3.17Get FirewallsThe Get Firewalls API retrieves information about the firewall devices in your account environments.   
4.3.18Get Firewall RulesThe Get Firewall Rules retrieves the firewall rules for a specified device. 
4.3.19Create Firewall RulesThe Create Firewall Rules API retrieves firewall rules for a specified device.   
4.3.20Enable SSL / VPNThe Enable SSL/VPN API allows a user to use SSL/VPN access for their environment.  
4.3.21Download SSL / VPN ClientThe Download SSL/VPN client API downloads the SSL/VPN client for a specified operating system.  
4.3.22Get L2LThe Get L2L API retrieves a list of L2L (IPSec) tunnels. 
4.3.23Create L2LThe Create L2L API creates a new L2L tunnel.  
4.3.24Get L2L By IDThe Get L2L By ID API retrieves information information in your account. 
4.3.25Delete L2LThe Delete L2L API deletes the specified L2L tunnel.  
4.3.26Update L2LThe Update L2L API updates an L2L tunnel.  
4.3.27Enable / Disable L2L

4.3.28Get IPs

4.3.29Delete IPs

4.3.30Assign IP

4.3.31Allocate Public IPs

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