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This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

Network Services API callsDescriptionProduct compatibility
4.3.1Get NATsThe Get NATs API retrieves a list of NATs that are associated with your account.  
4.3.2Get Virtual Machine NATs

The Get Virtual Machine NATS API retrieves a list of NATs that are associated to a specified virtual machine.  

(same description but different call)

4.3.3Get Virtual Machine NATs

The Get Virtual Machine NATs retrieves a list of NATS that are associated with a virtual machine. 

(same description but different call)

4.3.4Create NATThe Create NAT API creates NATs to associate with your virtual machine.  
4.3.5Add / Remove NATsThe Add/Remove NATs API adds or removes NATs to a virtual machine. 
4.3.6Delete NATsThe Delete NATs API deletes NATs associated to a virtual machine. 
4.3.7Get Firewall GroupsThe Get Firewall Groups API retrieves information about the firewall groups in your account
4.3.8Get Firewall GroupThe Get Firewall Group API retrieves details for a specific firewall group.   
4.3.9Update Firewall GroupThe Update Firewall Group API updates details for a specific firewall group.   
4.3.10Create Firewall GroupThe Create Firewall Group API creates a firewall group.  
4.3.11Delete Firewall GroupThe Delete Firewall Group API deletes a firewall group.   
4.3.12Get Firewall ServicesThe Get Firewall Services API retrieves information about the firewall services in your account.
4.3.13Get Firewall Service DetailThe Get Firewall Service Detail API retrieves details about a specific firewall service group.   
4.3.14Put Firewall ServiceThe Put Firewall Service API updates the details for a firewall service group.   
4.3.15Create Firewall ServicesThe Create Firewall Services API creates a firewall service group.   
4.3.16Delete Firewall ServiceThe Delete Firewall Service API deletes a firewall service group.   
4.3.17Get Firewalls

4.3.18Get Firewall rules

4.3.19Create Firewall Rules

4.3.20Enable SSL / VPN

4.3.21Download SSL / VPN Client

4.3.22Get L2L

4.3.23Create L2L

4.3.24Get L2L By ID

4.3.25Delete L2L

4.3.26Update L2L

4.3.27Enable / Disable L2L

4.3.28Get IPs

4.3.29Delete IPs

4.3.30Assign IP

4.3.31Allocate Public IPs

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