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This API call applies to both Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere users.

The Delete Payment Methods API deletes the payment method for an account.

You can use the Get Payment Methods API to find the Payment Method ID (id) and the Account Billing ID (accountBillingId).

You cannot delete the primary payment method. To delete a primary payment method, you must configure another payment method to be the primary method, and then you can delete the desired payment method.

To learn how to change the primary payment method, see Patch Payment Method.

Sample request

 "paymentMethodId": 1,
 "modifiedBy": John,
 "accountId": 1


The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type

The following table describes the parameter (or parameters) for this API call:

ParameterDescriptionFormatRequired or optionalExample


The ID of the payment method that you want to deleteIntegerRequired1
PaymentMethodIdThe ID of the payment method that you want to deleteIntegerRequired1
modifiedByThe user that is requesting the modificationStringRequiredJohn
accountIdThe accountId that the payment method is related (unused)IntegerRequired1

Sample return

"Invalid Request"