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  1. In the Armor user interface, at the bottom, click New
  2. Click Ticket
  3.  In In Ticket Subject, enter a descriptive name. 
  4. In Add Recipient, enter the email address of additional users who should receive support updates. 
  5. In Ticket Explanation, enter useful details that can help Armor troubleshoot the problem quickly. For example, consider the following questions: 
    • What is the specific issue? 
    • What are the steps to reproduce the issue? 
    • What is the level of business impact? 
    • Are there additional contacts that should be notified? 
    • Have there been any troubleshooting steps already performed? 
    • Are there any error messages or screenshots to share?
  6. Click Attach File to add relevant images of your issue, such as the code or error message. 
  7. Click Create Ticket
  8. To view the status of your ticket, in the left-side navigation, click Support, and then click Tickets + Notifications