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  1. In the Armor user interface, on the left-side navigation, click Infrastructure.
  2. Click IP Addresses
  3. If you have virtual machines in various data centers, then click the corresponding data center. 
  4. Locate the desired IP address. 
    • You can use the filter function or scroll through the screens. 
  5. Click the gear icon that corresponds to the desired IP address. 
  6. Click Edit Assignments.  
  7. Select the desired IP address and transfer the IP address to the desired column. 
  8. Click Save IP Assignment






MFA is free; a customer must be near  aphone in order to receive a call


SSL VPN will be enforced for all customers envrionemtns. this is included to every one customer for free, customer get one free, but addtional users will be charged. you must download an ssl vpn for each site (the left side tab that represents the virtual environments that a customer has in the firewall section) this would be popular for sys admins who need to remote into their environments


tickets and notifications


as the account admin, you can see users, roles + permissions and payments methords, we need to update the list of default rules

role detail page under account the I next to each permissions shows each api