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Primary environmentDefault recovery environment
Dallas (DFW01)Phoenix (PHX01)
Phoenix (PHX01)Dallas (DFW01)



Before you begin

Review the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery) 

Before you order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery) and request a live recovery or a test recovery, consider the following statements: 

  • Only an authorized user can request a recovery. Armor Support will maintain a list of authorized users who can represent your organization and request a recovery. 
  • You can only access your recovery virtual machine via the VMwareTRAY SSL VPN-Plus Client. 
    • The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client from Gen 3 will not work with a recovery virtual machine in Gen 4.
    • To learn how to download and install this client, see SSL/VPN.
  • During a data center outage, Armor does not automatically perform a live recovery for your environment. Armor will always wait for your approval before performing a recovery. 
    • You must submit a support ticket to Armor to request a live recovery.
  • Any change you make to your AMP account while in the recovery environment will not replicate in your primary environment. 
    • For example, if you update your firewall rules in AMP, then those changes will not appear in you primary environment. 
  • Based on the size of your environment, first-time provisioning for this add-on product may take up to two business days to complete. 
  • Based on the size of your environment, a recovery may take up to four hours to complete.

Order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery)
Order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery)
Order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery)