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I had Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery) in my Gen 3 ( environment. Do I need to order this add-on product again in my Gen 4 ( environment?


For any Gen 3 virtual machine that did not have Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery), or for newly created Gen 4 virtual machines, you must order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery) in AMP

To learn how to order, see Disaster Recovery (upgraded users) (external draft).


In short, you can order the Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery) add-on product in the Armor Management Portal (AMP). Once this add-on product has been fully provisioned, you can simply submit a support ticket to request a failover. Armor Support will coordinate with you to establish expectations and timelines. 

To learn how to order Continuous Server Replication (Disaster Recovery), as well as request a failover, see Disaster Recovery (upgraded users) (external draft).


During a If my primary data center outageis down, does Armor automatically perform a failover?  

Although Armor will notify you about a data center outage; however, you are still responsible for notifying Armor about your communicating a failover request to perform a failoverArmor.

Similarly, although Armor will notify you about the end of the a data enter center outage. Again, you must contact Armor support to terminate the failover. 


If I make any changes a change while working in the failover site, will those changes that be reflected in the primary site? 

In short, no. After a failover is complete, Armor removes the failover virtual machine from the Armor Management Portal (AMP). As a result, any change you make in AMP to your failover virtual machine will not be reflected in the primary virtual machine. 

If my primary data center is down, does Armor automatically revert my environment into the failover site, or do I need to submit a request? 

Although Armor will notify you about a data center outage, you are still responsible for communicating to Armor a failover request. 

How do I terminate a failover?