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Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
Tickets + Notifications
  • Create a support ticket
  • View a support ticket
  • Add a recipient to an existing support ticket
  • Chat with Armor
  • Read Ticket(s)
  • Write Ticket(s)

In addition to these permissions, in order to view a ticket, you must be listed as a recipient. For example, if a user in your account sends a support ticket, and you are not listed as a recipient, then you will not be able to see this ticket.


To learn more about the Tickets + Notifications screen, see Support Tickets.


Permissions for Log & Data Management

Screen / FeatureActionsPermissionsAdditional information
Log & Data Management
  • View collected logs in the Search section
  • View the status of the logging subagent in the Sources section
  • Write LogManagement
  • Read LogManagement 

To learn more about Log Management, see Log Management (Armor Anywhere).