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You can contact Armor Support for additional log management services:

  • Upgrade log retention plan
    • By default, logs are retained for 30 days; however, you can upgrade log retention to be 13 months.
  • View Request logs beyond 30 days
  • Cancel a log retention plan upgrade

To learn how to create support ticket, see Create a support ticket.


By default, logs are retained for 90 days. For a specific instance, you can increase log retention rate to 13 months.

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security
  2. Click Log Management
  3. Click Log Sources
  4. Locate the desired virtual machine. 
  5. Click the corresponding gear icon, and then select Upgrade Plan.
  6. Review the pricing information, and then click Purchase.
  7. Click Close.  
  8. (Optional) To cancel the upgrade, you must submit a Support Ticket. 
  9. To see logs beyond 90 days, submit a Support Ticket and request to view the specific logs.