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The interactive Armor API tool, powered by Swagger, is a cloud-based tool used to build, deploy, and document APIs. You can use this tool to test and review the API calls before you , as well as implement the calls. 

The interactive Armor API is divided into the following six sections: 


  1. Log into the Armor Management Portal (AMP).
  2. On the left-side navigation, click Account
  3. In the Overview screen, copy Copy the number in Account Number
  4. Access the interactive Armor API (  
  5. In the X-Account-Context field, enter the copied Account Number



This section only applies to API call calls that require input parameters.


Although the button to execute the call is displayed as Try it out!, this feature the interactive Armor API guide is a live version of the Armor API. Certain These calls will cause real-time changes to your environment.