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Specific permissionDescriptionAPI routeNotes
Read Orders

View account resources.

  • GET orders/vm/options/software
  • GET software
  • GET usage
Write OrdersAdd additional account resources.
  • POST orders/submit/vm
Read Endpoint(s) 
  • GET security-endpoints
  • GET security-endpoints/{id}
  • GET security-endpoints/{id}/history
  • POST security-endpoints-search
  • POST security-endpoints/actions/ping

Per Anthony, not used.
Write Endpoint(s) 
  • PATCH security-endpoints/{id}
  • POST security-endpoints/actions/register
Per Anthony, not used.
Read Subscriber Key(s) 
  • GET security-subscriber-keys
Per Anthony, not used.
Write Subscriber Key(s) 
  • DELETE security-subscriber-keys/{id}
  • POST security-subscriber-keys
  • POST security-subscriber-keys/{id}/actions/restore
Per Anthony, not used.
Read Subscriber(s) 
  • GET security-subscribers
  • GET security-subscribers/{accountNumber}
  • GET security-subscribers/{subscriberId}
  • GET security-subscribers/{subscriberId}/keys
Per Anthony, not used.
Write Subscriber(s) 
  • POST security-subscribers
  • POST security-subscribers/{subscriberId}/actions/deactivate
  • POST security-subscribers/{subscriberId}/actions/reactivate
Per Anthony, not used.
Read IdentityView account information.
  • GET account/contacts
  • GET accounts
  • GET accounts/{accountId}
  • GET roles
  • GET roles/{id}
  • GET users
  • GET users/{id}
  • GET usersecurity/challengephrase
  • GET usersecurity/securityquestions
Write IdentityUpdate account information.
  • DELETE roles/{id}
  • DELETE roles/{id}/members/{userId}
  • POST reset/initiate
  • POST roles
  • POST roles/{id}
  • POST roles/{id}/members/{userId}
  • POST users
  • POST users/{id}/status/{isEnabled}
  • POST users/{userId}/invite
  • POST users/invitation/{key}
  • POST users/notifications
  • POST users/resetpassword
  • POST usersecurity/securityinformation/{referencekey}
  • PUT users/{id}
  • PUT usersecurity/challengephrase
  • PUT usersecurity/securityquestionanswer
Read Entity MetadataView notes and tags throughout the portal
  • GET {entityType}/{entityId}/notes
  • GET {entityType}/{entityId}/tags
Write Entity MetadataUpdate notes and tags throughout the portal
  • DELETE {entityType}/{entityId}/notes
  • DELETE {entityType}/{entityId}/tags
  • POST {entityType}/{entityId}/tags
  • PUT {entityType}/{entityId}/notes
Read FirewallView account firewall rules
  • GET firewall/{deviceId}/groups
  • GET firewall/{deviceId}/groups/{id}
  • GET firewall/{deviceId}/rules
  • GET firewall/{deviceId}/services
  • GET firewall/{deviceId}/services/{serviceGroupId}
  • GET firewalls
Write FirewallAdd and edit account firewall rules
  • DELETE firewall/{deviceId}/groups/{id}
  • DELETE firewall/{deviceId}/groups/appGroup/{id}
  • DELETE firewall/{deviceId}/rules
  • DELETE firewall/{deviceId}/services/{serviceGroupId}
  • POST firewall/{deviceId}/groups
  • POST firewall/{deviceId}/groups/appGroup/{id}
  • POST firewall/{deviceId}/rules
  • POST firewall/{deviceId}/services
  • PUT firewall/{deviceId}/groups/{id}
  • PUT firewall/{deviceId}/groups/appGroup/{id}
  • PUT firewall/{deviceId}/services/{serviceGroupId}
Read Network IPView account IP allocations and assignments.
  • GET ips/{orgVdcId}
  • GET ips/publicIps/location/{locationId}
  • GET ips/publicIps/unassigned/{locationName}
  • GET ips/subnets/all
Write Network IPAdd, Update, and remove IP assignments throughout the account.
  • POST ips/assign
  • POST ips/fhmDnat
  • POST ips/fhmDnat/{vmId}
  • POST ips/publicIps/assign
  • POST ips/publicIps/quantity/{quantity}
  • POST ips/publicIps/reclaim/{extDnatId}
  • POST ips/publicIps/unassign/{extDnatId}
  • POST ips/subnets/{orgVdcId}
  • POST ips/subnets/assign/{orgVdcId}
  • POST ips/subnets/ssl/{esgId}
  • POST ips/subnets/ssl/assign/{esgId}
  • POST ips/subnets/ssl/unassign
  • POST ips/unassign
Read Network L2LView L2L network tunnels
  • GET l2l
  • GET l2l/{id}
Write Network L2LAdd, Update, and remove L2L tunnels
  • DELETE l2l/{id}
  • POST l2l
  • PUT l2l/{id}
  • PUT l2l/{id}/isEnabled/{isEnabled}
Read Network NatView DNAT assignments per VM.
  • GET nats
  • GET nats/vm/{vmId}
Write Network NatAdd and remove DNAT assignments.
  • DELETE nats
  • POST nats
  • POST nats/vm/{vmId}
Read Network BandwidthView network transfer history.
  • GET bandwidth
  • GET bandwidth/{edgeId}
Read Notification(s)View account notifications.
  • GET notifications
Read Ticket(s)View account tickets.
  • GET tickets
  • GET tickets/{pageSize}/{pageNumber}
  • GET tickets/{ticketNumber}
  • GET tickets/{ticketNumber}/attachment
  • GET tickets/{ticketNumber}/attachments
  • GET tickets/count
  • GET tickets/meta-data
  • GET tickets/vms/{vmId}
  • OPTIONS tickets/{ticketNumber}/attachments
Write Ticket(s)Create and update tickets, related servers, and recipients.
  • DELETE tickets/{ticketNumber}/recipients
  • DELETE tickets/{ticketNumber}/servers
  • DELETE tickets/{ticketNumber}/tag
  • DELETE tickets/{ticketNumber}/tickets
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/attachments
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/close
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/comment
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/comment/{commentId}/attachment
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/comment/feedback
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/create
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/open
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/rate
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/read
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/recipients
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/servers
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/star
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/tag
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/tickets
  • POST tickets/{ticketNumber}/update
  • POST tickets/create
Read Workload(s)View account workloads.
  • GET apps
  • GET apps/{appId}/tiers
  • GET apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}
  • GET apps/{id}
Write WorkloadCreate, update, and remove account workloads.
  • DELETE apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}
  • DELETE apps/{id}
  • POST apps
  • POST apps/{appId}/tiers
  • POST apps/{id}/power/{powerAction}
  • PUT apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}
  • PUT apps/{id}
Read Location(s)Discover locations available for the account.
  • GET locations
  • GET locations/preferred
Read MonitoringView account resources.
  • GET monitoring
Read AutoScaleView autoscale settings for workloads and VMs.
  • GET apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}/auto-scale
  • GET apps/{id}/auto-scale
  • GET vms/{id}/auto-scale
Per Anthony, not used.
Write AutoScaleSet autoscale settings for workloads and VMs.
  • PUT apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}/auto-scale
  • PUT apps/{id}/auto-scale
  • PUT vms/{id}/auto-scale
Per Anthony, not used.
Read Virtual Machine StatsView graph data for VMs.
  • GET stats/vms
  • GET stats/vms/{vmId}
  • GET stats/vms/{vmId}/{statType}
Read StorageView disk and storage information for the account.
  • GET storage
  • GET storage/summary
Read Virtual Machine(s)View VM details.
  • GET core/instance
  • GET vms
  • GET vms/{id}
  • GET vms/{vmId}/availableStorage
  • GET vms/{vmId}/disk
  • GET vms/core
  • GET vms/core/security
Write Virtual MachineCreate, update, and remove account VMs.
  • DELETE vms/{Id}
  • DELETE vms/{vmId}/disk/{diskId}
  • POST vms/{id}/power/{powerAction}
  • POST vms/{vmId}/adjustDisk
  • POST vms/{vmId}/disk
  • PUT vms/{Id}
Read Template(s)View template details.
  • GET templates
  • GET templates/{id}
Per Anthony, not used.
Write TemplateCreate, update, and remove account templates.
  • DELETE templates/{id}
  • PATCH templates/{id}
  • POST apps/{id}/template/{name}
  • POST templates/{id}/deploy
Per Anthony, not used.
Read Virtual Data CentersView account virtual data center details.
  • GET vdc
  • GET vdc/{id}
  • GET vdc/{id}/networks
  • GET vdc/{id}/networks/{networkId}
Per Anthony, not used. To be deleted.
Write Virtual Data CentersCreate, edit, and remove account virtual data centers.
  • DELETE vdc/{id}
  • DELETE vdc/{id}/networks/{networkId}
  • POST vdc
  • POST vdc/{id}/networks
  • PUT vdc/{id}
  • PUT vdc/{vcdId}/networks/{networkId}
Per Anthony, not used. To be deleted.
Read Connections 
  • GET connections
  • GET connections/summary
Write Connections 
  • DELETE connections/{id}
  • POST connections
  • POST connectors
Write Secret 
  • POST secret
Read FIMView file integrity details
  • GET core/fim
  • GET core/fim/statistics
  • GET core/fim/statistics/{securityDataType}
Read AVAMView antivirus and antimalware details
  • GET core/avam
  • GET core/avam/statistics
  • GET core/avam/statistics/{securityDataType}
Read Dashboard StatisticsView main security dashboard
  • GET core/dashboard/statistics
  • GET core/security-dashboard/{fromdate}/{todate}
  • GET core/security-dashboard/stats/overall
  • GET core/security-dashboard/stats/overview
Read OS PackagesView OS patching details
  • GET core/packages/gettotalstatus
  • GET core/packages/status
Read SSL VPN Devices and UsersView SSLVPN account users and details
  • GET sslvpn
  • POST sslvpn/installClient
Write SSL VPN Devices and UsersEnable SSLVPN for accoutn users
  • POST sslvpn/enable
Update Personal IdentityUpdate Personal Identity
  • GET challengephrase
  • GET securityquestions
  • POST securityinformation/{referencekey}
  • PUT challengephrase
  • PUT securityquestionanswer
View Core LicenseView Core License Information
  • GET core/license
Update Payment InformationView/Create/Edit/Delete Payment Information
  • DELETE paymentmethods/{id}
  • GET paymentmethods
  • GET paymentmethods/{id}
  • GET paymentmethods/billingaccount}
  • POST paymentmethods
  • POST paymentmethods/{id}









GET /accounts

GET /accounts/{accountld}

GET /roles

GET /roles/{id}

GET /users

GET /users/{id}

GET /usersecurity/challengephrase

GET /usersecurity/securityquestions



POST /apps

PUT /apps/{id}

DELETE /apps/{id}

POST /apps/{id}/power/{powerAction}

POST /apps/{appsId}/tiers

PUT /apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierID}

DELETE /apps/{appId}/tiers/{tierId}


GET /core/avam

GET /core/avam/statistics

GET /core/avam/statistics/{securityDataType}


GET /core/dashboard/statistics

GET /core/security-dashboard/stats/overview

GET /core/security-dashboard/stats/overall

GET /core/security-dashboard/{fromdate}/{todate}


GET /core/fim

GET /core/fim/statistics

GET /core/fim/statistics/{securityDataType}


GET /connections

GET /connections/summary


POST /connections

DELETE /connects/{id}


GET /firewall/{deviceId}/groups

GET /firewall/{deviceId}/groups/{Id}

GET /firewall/{deviceId}/rules

GET /firewalls

GET /firewall/{deviceId}/services

GET /firewall/{deviceId}/services/{serviceGroupId}


Permission typeSpecific permissionDescription
AdministrativeView UsersAuthorizes users to view existing users associated with the environment within the portal. 
AdministrativeAdd/Edit UsersAuthorizes users to add, remove and edit other users within the portal. 
AdministrativePassword Reset (Others)Authorizes users to issue password reset emails for other users. 
AdministrativeCancel AccountAuthorizes users to cancel the account with Armor. 
AdministrativeChange OwnershipAuthorizes users to change ownership of the account with Armor.
AdministrativeAuthorized SignatoryAuthorizes a user the ability to accept the terms and conditions for the environment. Modifications to the environment cannot be made until the terms and conditions are approved by an authorized signatory.
TechnicalView/troubleshoot ServicesAuthorizes users to view tickets and troubleshoot services within the environment. 
TechnicalRestart ServicesAuthorizes users to restart services, which includes secure cloud servers and appliances. 
TechnicalScale Servers & Load BalancersAuthorizes users to scale secure cloud servers and appliances through the portal. This grants the ability to affect invoicing only as it relates to scaled resources on secure cloud servers or appliances. 
TechnicalAccess Global Security ViewAuthorizes users to view the global security dashboard in the portal. 
TechnicalOpen/Close PortsAuthorizes users to open and close firewall ports on the environment and gives users access to the port opening request form found under the security tab in the portal. 
TechnicalNew Relic Account AccessAuthorizes users the ability to access the New Relic application monitoring account associated with the environment.
BillingAdd or Remove Billable ItemsAuthorizes users to add, delete or modify billable services for the environment which have an impact on your invoice.
BillingEdit Company InformationAuthorizes users to edit the company information fields which can be found by clicking the account tab within the portal. 
BillingView/Edit Payment InformationAuthorizes users to add and remove payment methods from the payment methods sub-tab within the account section of the portal.
NotificationReceive account notifications  
NotificationReceive technical notifications  
NotificationReceive billing notifications