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  1. Access the interactive Armor API ( 
  2. Click the Authentication section. 
  3. Click POST /auth/authorize
  4. On the right side, under Data Type, click Example Value
  5. Click the yellow field below Example Value. 
    • This action will populate the empty field on the left. 
  6. On the left, in the field under Value, enter your AMP username and password.  
  7. In Parameter content type, select application/json
  8. Click Try it out!
  9. Under Response Body, copy the code, including the equal sign ( = ).
  10. Locate and select POST /auth/token
  11. Under Data Type, click the Example Value box. 
  12. Paste your code into the field on the left. 
  13. Click Try it out!
    • This will display the access_token
  14. Copy the access_token
  15. Scroll up, and then in the Authorization field, enter FH-AUTH, followed by the copied access_token
    • A typical Authorization credential is FH-AUTH afecb03c3de8654.
  16. Click Authorize