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Review the following table to understand the pricing structure:

LD Base Subscription$200£155

$ per GB£ per GBTier Discount
0GB - 25GB (Included in Base Subscription)Included (is $8/GB)Included (is £6.20)-
26GB - 50GB$7.2£5.5810%
51GB - 100GB$6.56£5.0818%
101GB - 250GB$6.08£4.7124%
251GB - 500GB$5.60£4.3430%
501GB - 1000GB$5.28£4.0934%


Order Log Depot
Order Log Depot
Order Log Depot


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    • You must have the Read LogSearch the Write LogManagement permission enabled to view log dataaccess the Log Search section. Contact your account administrator to enable this permission. To learn how to update you permissions, see Roles and Permissions