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/opt/armor/armor –helpShows the Armor commandsLike all the available Armor commands? yes
/opt/armor/armor policy –help

Shows the policy commands

This will show you policy filelogs or winlog (or event log)

there are two file tops

/opt/armor/armor policy filelog –help

Shows the policy filelog commands:

  • add     Adds a logfile(s) to be managed.
  • remove  Removes log(s) from being managed.
  • show    Show current logging policies
  • sync    Sync configuration from server.

 /opt/armor/armor policy filelog add –helpShows how to add the file path to Log Depot
/opt/armor/armor policy filelog add --path /var/log/dpkg.log --category platform --tags UbuntuAdds the file /var/log/dpkg.log to Log Depot

this show you spcifcally how to add to log depot




machien data

/opt/armor/armor policy syncManually sync the yml file so that it will start sending the newly added file to Log Depot
cat /etc/filebeat/filebeat.ymlYou can observe the custom file has been added to the yml file here.