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Armor Anywhere users (snippet)
Armor Anywhere users (snippet)

Log Depot allows you t

You can use the Log Depot add-on product to send and store file-based application logs with Armor for 13 months. You can customize the type of logs. 

Icomplicance requirements

customer-define OS logs

this product combines: core agent, api, amp and plicy mangemtn in amp

cloud logs from aws and azure

store all logs for 13 monts (not 90)

you can enable and ivew logs in amp

and customer can configure

configure and upload logs via CORE Agent equipped  - cli

configure customer logs on OS

in the marketplace? NO

what are the new APIs?

does the global log search

you can use this scren to see how much storage you have used? 


  1. they will access their core protect
  2. armor policy add0file beat and then the path of their file, and then a descriptive name 
  3. wiats for armor response
  4. agent sends to amp / api a request to generate a new. . YML configuration
  5. Core agetn recives new file yml with user configuration
  6. beats ageant  and restards new log data

you can can send us 25/gb/month throughout as part of the base price. anything more is an extra price. 

does sending new, updated data

Plain text file, can also be a log, 

Log Depot allows you to collect store custom file logs, such as environment logs.