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The Update VM Name API updates the name of a virtual machine. 

You can use the Get VMs to find the virtual machine ID (id).

Sample Request


 "id": 9,
 "name": "VMW001",


The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type



The following table describes the parameter (or parameters) for this API call: 

ParameterDescriptionRequired or optionalTypeExample
idThe ID of the virtual machineRequiredInteger9
nameThe name you want to use for the virtual machineRequiredStringVMW001

Sample Return

 "canUseFluidScale": false,
 "disks": [],
 "isDeleted": false,
 "id": 9,
 "coreInstanceId": "06daafab-bffb-4f81-8cbf-532faad97037",
 "name": "VMW001",
 "provider": "4",
 "location": "DFW01",
 "zone": "DFW01-VC01",
 "ipAddress": "",
 "status": 100,
 "appId": 1,
 "appName": "General Dynamics Web",
 "osId": null,
 "os": "Ubuntu 14.04",
 "deployed": false,
 "cpu": 1,
 "memory": 2048,
 "storage": 30720,
 "notes": null,
 "vCenterId": 2,
 "vCenterName": "A-VC01",
 "product": {
      "sku": "A1-122",
      "size": "A1",
      "isExpired": false
 "uuid": "urn:firehost:b5e1892b-bf4d-4209-b513-83c04f187ca3",
 "health": 0,
 "tags": [],
 "scheduledEvents": []
Bad Request


The following table describes the expected results for specific outputs that may not be clear enough within the sample output.

ReturnTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample
canUseFluidScaleBoolean valueFluidScale allows for application scaling without a reboot.true, falsefalse
taskDateDate and timeThe date and time, in combined date and time format (ISO 8601), of when the event will take place Any date and time2016-09-01T00:00:00
maitenanceWindowIntegerA countdown of when the event will take placeAny value in minutes60