AMP 2.93.1

An issue with purchasing Pulse Secure VTM offerings has been fixed, enabling such appliances (both LB and WAF) to be auto-provisioned once again.

AMP 2.93.0

Log Enhancement in L2L Delete/Create/Update and Regression testing

Disable Last User On Account From IMC



  • Add banner in AMP for Chaos Search release

  • Enable Chaos Search product for all users

AMP 2.92.2

Agent Technology:

Armor Agent enabled for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available (as of 2020-04). Including the following:


  • Enabled Health API Read Replica for Partner Rackspace

  • Enabled Additional Debug Logging for Partner Rackspace



  • The asynchronous workflow for “Vulnerability Scanning for Compliance” subscriptions has been reworked to better-assure that Account Activity is recorded when downstream errors occur with the billing system.

Agent Technology:

  • Trend Remediate Policy Network Engine Mode Setting Update: Trend policy’s Network Engine Mode now set to be Inline or Inherited (Inline) and not Tap,
    so that Customers may use prevent mode.
  • Resolved Agent Details Not Checking for Unsubscribed Product e.g. Customer does Trend Install followed by Trend Uninstall - Agent will not show Still as Installed.

Agent Technology:

  • Added wget Logic to CLI Scripts that use curl only – helps customers that only have wget installed on some machines.