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Vulnerability Scanning, L2L VPN, Virtual Machines, Activity

Vulnerability Scanning UPDATE

In the Armor Management Portal, additional health rules have been added to check for the successful import of your Vulnerability Scan asset. 

When viewing the  Protection  dashboard in AMP, in the  Service Health  table, if a Vulnerability Scanning asset indicates "Needs Attention" due to the asset not being installed or synced successfully, you can now hover over the information icon in the Status column to learn more details. 

To learn more about this screen, see Protection Dashboard.


In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), the Infrastructure  L2L VPN Configure screen was updated to include new fields / values to support IKE (Internet Key Exchange) version 2.

The following fields were added:

  • Internet Key Exchange Version (IKE Version)  
  • Digest Algorithms

Additionally, the  Encryption Algorithms field was updated to include a new value.

To learn more about this screen, see L2L VPN Tunnel.

Bug Fixes 

Virtual Machines 

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the Virtual Machines  Monitoring  tab, there was a bug with the first and /or last intervals being dropped from the Panopta API results. This issue has been resolved, and all intervals are now displayed within the time span, including the most recent.

Also on the Virtual Machines screen, there was a bug with the operating system icon not properly displaying on the VM list page. This issue has been resolved.

Vulnerability Scanning

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the  Vulnerability Scanning screen, there was a bug with the recurring vulnerability scanning import job importing details for virtual machines that are no longer registered. This issue has been resolved, and only details for registered virtual machines are being imported and displayed.


In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the Account Activity  screen, there was a bug with the search function, after filtering to a custom date. Additionally, the filter for the Last 3 Days was not returning the expected results. This issue has been resolved.