Armor uses ADFS and OAUTH workflow for the portal and API authentication.  By presenting a retrieved Bearer id_token to the API a user can leverage the API documentation to access all endpoints from both the Legacy and v2 API.  Below is documentation to retrieve a token from Armor’s SSO platform using your Armor user account with MFA.

Postman Example

(Right click to save as)

Armor Auth Collection.postman_collection.json


  1. Create a postman environment named “Armor” (https://learning.postman.com/docs/postman/variables-and-environments/managing-environments/)
  2. Ensure that Armor is your selected environment
  3. Add amp-account-id with your Account Number (e.g. 1000)
    1. amp-account-id can be auto populated with the first account in your account with “[Example] Get User Account Info”
  4. Add your Username and Password under 'Body' of Armor Auth Collection -> 1. SSO Auth
  5. Execute step “1. SSO Auth”
    1. mfa token will be set in your Environment
  6. Execute step “2. Get Bearer (You will receive MFA call)”
    1. id_token will be set in your Environment
  7. Follow the [Example] requests to leverage the Armor API, the new id_token is auto populated for these requests.