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October 23, 2017

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Armor Anywhere Agent (Agent 2.5.0)


Armor Anywhere Agent (Agent 2.5.0) 

The Armor Anywhere agent has been updated with the following features: 

  • Removed dependencies on levelDB
  • Registration command now starts the agent upon completion.  Users no longer need to explicitly start the armor-agent service as a part of the installation process.
  • Linux int system is now identified at registration, and the Armor Agent will utilize the appropriate service.  As a result you may no longer see a /etc/init.d/armor script, but may instead see a /etc/init/armor-agent.conf upstart script or /etc/systemd/system/armor-agent.service systemd script.
  • Armor Agent services can now be started, stopped, and restarted at the CLI (ex, /opt/armor/armor start)
  • Agent can now manually check for an update at the CLI (ex, /opt/armor/armor update)
  • Registration of new Agent is now governed by the Armor Toolbox
  • Panopta is now installed via the Armor Toolbox
  • Panopta manifest file now includes the FQDN field when installed on Armor Complete VPC instances
  • Filebeat is now installed through an armor package into the /opt/armor/filebeat directory
  • remotesupport user in Ubuntu is now added to the wheel group
  • Updated Windows Agent to not use Win32_Product class for agent version checking - was causing excessive audit logging

The Armor Anywhere agent has been updated to correct various bugs:

  • Resolved Windows package update index out of range error
  • Certain subagents no longer listed as installed even after uninstalled
  • Reinstalling the Agent will now recreate the Armor Agent service
  • remotesupport user is now properly unlocked during subagent reinstall