Vulnerability Scanning UPDATE

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the Vulnerability Scanning screen, there were a number of enhancements made, to include newly added and renamed columns.

The following updates were made to make the information on the screen easier to view and understand:

  • Updated the description at the top of the screen
  • Renamed the following columns:
    • Changed Scan Name to Report Name
    • Changed Scan Start Time to Import Time
    • Changed Scan End Time to Import Status
  • Replaced the Status column with the Vulnerabilities column
    • The Vulnerabilities column displays the number of vulnerabilities within the report, grouped by severity

  • Added the ability to export vulnerability scans to a CSV file

Additionally, on the Vulnerability Scanning screen, the following changes were made to the By VM tab:

  • Removed the Status column
  • Added the Last Scan column, to display the date and time of the last vulnerability scan

To learn more about this screen, see Vulnerability Scanning, ANYWHERE Vulnerability Scanning, or ANYWHERE Vulnerability Scan Details.

Interactive Armor API Tool UPDATE

Armor's interactive API tool has a new look and feel! Take a moment to review the updated design and page layout.

To learn more about the interactive Armor API tool, see Armor API Guide.