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Meltdown - Spectre Remediation

With the recently discovered Meltdown vulnerability, Armor recommends that you reboot your systems as prompted to take full advantage of upcoming product releases. 

For Armor's patching actions regarding Meltdown and Spectre, please refer to the ticket opened in your account.

For detailed information regarding both vulnerabilities, you can review the following response kits: 

Review Patch Status

Use the information below to determine the OS patch status for Meltdown/Spectre:

A patch is available now.
OA patch has not been confirmed.
XA patch will not be available. As a result, Armor recommends that you upgrade the guest operating system.
Spectre V1 - CVE-2017-5753
Date Available
Spectre V2 - CVE-2017-5715
Date Available
Meltdown - CVE-2017-5754
Date Available
Windows Server

Windows 2008 non-R22018-03-132018-03-132018-03-13
Windows 2008 R22018-01-032018-01-032018-01-03
Windows 2012 non-R22018-03-132018-03-132018-03-13
Windows 2012 R22018-01-032018-01-032018-01-03
Windows 20162018-01-032018-01-032018-01-03
Ubuntu Server------
Ubuntu 10.04 LTSXWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be Patched
Ubuntu 12.04 LTSXWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be Patched
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2018-01-09XPatch Pulled2018-01-09
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2018-01-09XPatch Pulled2018-01-09
CentOS Server------
CentOS Server 52018-01-03XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
CentOS Server 62018-01-03XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
CentOS Server 72018-01-03XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
Red Hat Server------
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 52018-01-03XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 62018-01-03
XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 72018-01-03XPatch Pulled2018-01-03
Debian Server------
Debian 6XWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be PatchedXWill Not Be Patched
Debian 7OTBDTBD2018-01-07
Vormetric Encryption------
Vormetric DSM 6.x

Vormetric Guest OS Agent------

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