Log and Data Management Usage Errors

Errors in the AccountLogUtilization table causing inaccuracies on the Log Management Usage Screen have been corrected. The Log Management Usage screen will now match the Account Usage for Log Management. 

AMP 2.109.1

Disable Agent 2.x Registrations

So that Armor can eventually retire its supporting infrastructure, screens, and documentation regarding Agent v2.X, we have made the following changes:

  1. Registration for Agent v2.X version is no longer possible

  2. AC template restores are no longer be supported

AMP 2.109.0

First and Last Found date stamp on Vulnerabilities Detail screen 

The following columns have been added to the Vulnerability detail screen:

  • First Found - time and date the vulnerability was first detected on an asset

  • Last Found - time and date the vulnerability was last detected on an asset

CLI Results

In the Virtual Machines screen of AMP, we have added a tab listing the results of commands invoked using either Command Line Interface or the Armor Toolbox. Included in the documentation for this new tab is a table of the possible error codes that could be returned. 

AMP 2.108.2

We have fixed a bug where deleted VMs would appear as unregistered when heartbeating back to Armor API. Now when a previously deleted VM heartbeats back to Armor API, it will appear as online and registered as expected. 

AMP 2.108.0

Virtual Machines Vulnerabilities by Asset

We have added a tab to the Virtual Machines screen in the Armor Management Portal (AMP) that will display the list of vulnerabilities detected for a specific asset. This tab includes the vulnerability name, CVSS Score, severity, and time stamp of when the vulnerability was last found. This tab is only available when the Vulnerability Scanning subagent is enabled. If the Vulnerability Scanning subagent is not enabled, the tab will not be visible. To find out more about enabling the Vulnerability Scanning subagent, please see the documentation here. 

Added endpoint to consume health status when cli command is run.

Will consume health status from trend SNS messages instead of polling to provide quicker feedback on health state. Initial health status for fim, ips, and av will take minutes instead of an hour.

Add pagination for Security Incidents page

Add logic to call EDR API only if sub agent is installed.

Update Cli Results tab layout.

Update/remove misleading error logging for message publishing failures.

Re-enable automatic IP Address cleanup job